Hygiene and Health

I had concluded there is a correlation between the cleanliness of my bathroom and falling sick. I am not particularly a tidy person that my husband observed. Yet there are cleanliness routine habits I diligently observed that says otherwise. At least acts of organising and clean-ups are extremely therapeutic whenever I need to unwind.

I diligently did a full scrub of my bathroom today. Partly, I am recovering from an  extended episode of bad dry cough and my husband is sharing the bathroom (he is on a DIY project -re-grouting his sacred bathroom). I need to ensure its continual pristine cleanliness; where we don’t get sick from airborne virus/mould lurking in the bathroom; simply due to negligence of thorough and frequent washing.

This weekend feels short and slightly under accomplished.

I read 20 chapters of Chinese web novel (总裁在上我在下小说), hit the Pilates class, watched 5 episodes of “13 Reasons Why” (where i finished the whole season by reading the rest of the episodes’ synopsis online. LOL!), did laundry, do some areas cleaning and cook a dinner.

The weather is constipated today – it cannot decide if its going to rain or not; our exercise plan got stalled. With all these in action, I am itching to write – blogging and also Chinese Calligraphy. Like Stephan King said – writing is refined thinking. To me, it’s therapeutic too. The act of writing organise and re-organise my thoughts. Gives you inner quiet pauses.  De-clutter. There is another persona of me that dreams of being a writer. I asked for his opinion. The husband curtly responded “Why not? Just start writing.”, his eyes fixated on the TV screen playing out “American Gods”.